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We hired AAA for a fixer upper that we purchased. The new panel and wiring upgrade was very reasonably priced and done very quickly. I have since hired them to complete some upgrades on my own home and on my mother in-laws. All the work is done very quickly and correctly. Debbie is a pleasure to work with. We truly appreciate this business and their hard work.

When it rained, I kept loosing power to half my house. I called Teipple A electric and spoke to a really nice lady named Deb. I explained to her my problem and she advised me one of my outlets outside was getting wet some how. Long story short she was right the box that protected the outside outlet had a gap between the wall and the outlet and it was getting soaked. This company could have charged me to come out and see what was going on but instead they helped me fix my problem and didn't have to come out ane charge me. I can appreciate honest companies like these.

Morningstar Barrantes

I hired someone to custom fit my new range top into my kitchen. After pulling out the old stove we discovered it was hardwired to the fuse box. My remodel guy recommended that I call AAA Electric. They were out and had the proper electrical cord installed by the time the stove was ready to go into place. Everyone was professional and courteous, from the woman who did the scheduling to the electrician.

AAA is my first call for electrical contracting. I have been using their service since I purchased my home in 2015. I always get what i pay for with them, (and that's saying a lot!!!). I'm never disappointed. When I need something electrical done, I just call Debbie DeMaria. It's like calling an old friend. Thanks AAA. You're the best.

Nick Root

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